Celtic Trust call on football authorities to open up new investigation into Rangers’ EBT scandal

With the fallout from the midweek ruling from the Supreme Court rumbling on, after Rangers were deemed to be guilty of tax avoidance over a sustained period of 11 years, we have seen blows being traded over calls for a new investigation into Rangers’ dodgy tax practices.

Now The Celtic Trust has followed the Parkhead side’s statement up with one of their own as they called for a new enquiry into the Ibrox club’s use of EBTs.

In a measured and professional statement, unlike that of the Club 1872 one published, the Trust said: “We note the recent decision of the Supreme Court which confirmed the long-held belief that over many years Rangers Football Club operated with an unfair and illegal advantage over other Clubs and in so doing gained many honours.

“We consider the statement from the SFA, that it intends to take no action, to be unacceptable and unsustainable. We join with our own club, Celtic, and supporters of other Clubs who have already commented on this, in calling on the Football Authorities in Scotland to convene a full independent and transparent inquiry into this matter and to do so as a matter of urgency.

“We at the Celtic Trust would also urge other clubs and their fans, who have not already done so, to indicate their support for a new enquiry in light of the recent court ruling.”

Aberdeen and Dundee United supporters groups have already called for a new investigation into the EBT scandal, and there is a growing sense that other fan groups will come out over the next week or so demanding the same.