When Rangers fans aren’t real Rangers fans, when Dave King says so

Not content with peddling ludicrous claims about Scottish champions Celtic, Rangers chairman Dave King now claims that a section of his own fan base aren’t real Rangers fans.

The 61-year-old, who attended less games at Ibrox last season than he has fingers on his left hand, fired a broadside at his own fans reckoning that they should be ‘ignored’.

King claims that there is a significant difference between being a Rangers fan and a Rangers supporter.

He said: “I differentiate supporters from fans, and in all the statements I issue from the club, I am very careful about when I talk about supporters and when I talk about fans.

“Supporters are always fans, but fans are not always supporters. So, when I look at the club, I talk about those that are buying season tickets in record numbers every season. I’m talking about the 50,000 supporters that arrived at Ibrox for the first game in the Third Division and gave the record UK crowd.

“There are some fans out there, and all clubs have them, who to me are not actually true supporters and there is a noise level out there which, to me, I should completely ignore. I’m really interested what the real supporters want and what we are doing for the club is for the real supporters.

“All supporters are fans but not all fans are supporters. You’ve got Rangers fans who will criticise the manager after the first game. And they’ll tweet and they’ll blog and they’ll insult. They’ll use language that a supporter would never use about their club.”

Talk about insulting the fan base.

It was the fans who forced out the previous regime, it was the fans who took a stand against the Sportsdirect merchandise deal and it was the fans who placed the crown on Dave King’s head.

Rangers fans

All the while Dave King was firing broadsides at successive club owners from afar in South Africa, while using his poodles in the Rangers support to do his bidding.

Who are the true Rangers fans? Are they the ones who pay for season tickets, are they the ones who attend games when they can afford to or are they the ones who bought shares in the club at a time when money was needed desperately?

It seems that King believes the only true Rangers fan is the one that blindly accepts what he and the Rangers board say, accepts everything the manager and the team do no matter the result and never dares to utter criticism of anything related to the Ibrox club.

Rangers don’t need puppets or lambs, they need fans that hold their board accountable for every decision they make. If a decision is good for the club they applaud it, if it is a bad decision they voice their feelings and make sure the board realise the fans are displeased.

When it comes to matter on the field, the fans celebrate wins but voice their opinions – whether good or bad – on defeats. That is the sign of a true fan no matter the club they support. Blindly following a man who claims you are true fans because you don’t criticise what he does is the sign of a poodle.

King has managed to use his puppets in the support over the past few years to do his bidding, the Rangers fan groups have been killed off and have been replaced by a not-so-independent organisation fronted by James Blair, a man who just happens to be the company secretary at Rangers and one of Dave King’s poodles.

Are Rangers fans poodles?

Will they be lambs to the slaughter again when another owner screws them over?

It seems that Rangers fans have surrendered and become nothing more than drones to Dave King’s will. And that is what King wants at the end of the day.