Rangers wishing Eid Mubarak to Muslim fans backfires horribly

As the Muslim world celebrated Eid Al-Fitr on Sunday, the world of football sent their best wishes to their muslim fans and that included Scottish Premiership side Rangers.

Posting on their official twitter account, Rangers said: “Eid Mubarak to all of the #RangersFC fans celebrating Eid Al-Fitr today! #EidMubarak”

However, the tweet backfired horribly as elements of their support were outraged that their club would send such a message. Many posted messages demanding the club ‘delete’ the tweet immediately, while others went into more detail.

One fan called Gry Malcolmson, posted: “So what if we’ve had Muslim players Doesn’t mean we nd 2 celebrate anything to do with their religion.Will we start celebrating Catholicism.”

Another angrily hit out, stating: “SHOCKING! I will no longer be taking the b****** wain to Ibrox on Sunday until this is deleted.”

While Ibrox Loyal asked: “Will you be wishing us a Happy 12th of July next month? In all seriousness, I think the club should avoid religious tweets.”

While there was a steady number of Rangers fans who took to twitter to criticise and hit out at the club, there were ones who hit out at their fellow supporters and highlighted that the club signed muslim players in the past – including Algerian defender Madjid Bougherra and Tunisian Bilel Mohsni.

Mr M hit out at one of the angry Rangers fans, saying: “You’re a total reprobate every other club & high profile club has tweeted this but for some reason it’s a big deal for our club!”

While Billy Amato added: “Rangers have had Muslims play for the club in the past & will in the future, class tweet.”

The Scottish Premiership side has a checkered history when it comes to religion. For nearly 90 years, the Ibrox side had a sectarian signing policy – an unwritten rule – that the club would not knowingly sign Roman Catholic players nor employ them in any other prominent roles at the club.

This policy was not broken until 1989 when former Liverpool and Scotland midfielder Graeme Souness signed former Celtic striker Maurice Johnstone, the club’s first major Catholic signing. Despite attempts to rid the club of sectarianism, significant elements of the Rangers fans continue to spout their anti-Catholic hatred during matches and wherever they go.

In March 2015, Rangers director Chris Graham quit the club after a derogatory cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed he posted, following the Charlie Hebdo terror attack in Paris in January of the same year, was publicised.

His comment was met with condemnation from Glasgow’s Muslim population and wider society as a whole, who demanded the club take action. Just a day after being appointed Rangers director Graham quit before he was shown the door.