Andy MuirheadAndy Muirhead is a writer and columnist focusing on Scottish Football and the beautiful game in general. Andy has written for and featured in numerous publications in the UK and abroad – including the Daily Record, The Scotsman, Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Morning Star, BT Sport, Huffington Post and ESPN.

He has also contributed to the Celtic fanzine ‘More than 90 Minutes’, Bella Caledonia, Crystal Palace fan site ‘Five Year Plan’, Ajax Life, the National Collective and This is Atleti.

For ten years, Andy edited the Scottish football website Scotzine, growing it into arguably the biggest independent website dedicated to Scottish football – before leaving in October 2016. He also produced the Scottish football radio show ‘The Final Whistle’ and edited the football fanzine ‘The 12th Man’ before renaming it ‘Fitba’.

Andy is now a freelance writer and columnist – available to discuss all things Scottish football.

The Day Job

Away from Scottish Football, Andy is an E-Commerce Manager with a Scottish-based retail business. After spending two years with Edinburgh publishing company Bell Johnstone Communications, he made the move to Outdoor retail chain Nevisport to administer their website before his appointment as E-Commerce Manager.