Ever since I left Scotzine in October 2016, I have written on and off for a number of publications and toyed with beginning again with one or two sites, however work and personal commitments always seemed to stand in my way and I never managed to get as dedicated and ‘obsessed’ at writing about football as I did when I was editor of Scotzine.

Maybe that was a good thing really as for over ten years I produced a website that grew to become one of the biggest independent Scottish football sites out there, at a time when there were very few football blogs online and forums led the way for ‘philosophical’ football debate.

Today, every Tom, Dick and Harry has a blog. Commercial companies roll out a new football website each week looking to hoover up what gaps in the market there are and hoover up what money there is left. For every website that brings something new to football’s digital coverage, there are at least 10 or 20 that bring nothing with their ‘owners’ thinking they can make a quick buck and get free shit from advertisers.

The market is saturated with every level of writing talent imaginable – mirroring the mainstream media. The MSM are also now trying to get in on the act as their print sales drop dramatically year in year out, they now turn to those they once labelled ‘internet bampots’ and ‘amateurs’ to bolster their fledgling coverage of the game.

Fans themselves for the most part are turning their back on the mainstream coverage of our game and focusing on what their fellow fans are producing. This ‘partisan’ coverage has risen over the years, thanks in part to the lazy and ridiculous coverage our MSM has produced on Scottish football. Sensationalising events in our game, twisting quotes to suite an agenda or rehashing a press release as an exclusive are all the trademarks of many of today’s ‘top’ Scottish mainstream sports journalists.

Of course, there are many out there who do not fall into that category, but for the most part though many willingly sell their soul for regular access and exclusives hand fed to them by clubs, owners and players themselves. Fans today have a plethora of sources to check their news from and they have become adept at spotting shite in the press and there is a lot of it around nowadays.

So what about myself?

After years of running a brand in the guise of Scotzine and writing for others, I have decided to focus on working for myself. Writing as Andy Muirhead, not as a brand. Of course I will branch out and write for other publications online and in print, but mainly I t will be for my personal website.

My work, as always, will be the views that I hold on subjects related to Scottish football and the game in general. I will certainly not hold back on my comments, no matter the club, fan base or individuals involved and believe this is a more balanced approach than some others. And there will certainly not be any brown nosing to get my ‘foot in the door’.

I will not hide my allegiances to Celtic and although this will clearly upset some elements within the Scottish football fan fraternity, what’s new?

So hopefully you guys will enjoy reading what I produce over the coming weeks, months and years on my personal site and beyond.

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